Domains Watch

Accent Media rolls out ground-breaking anti-cybersquatting service ‘Domains Watch’ with clients including Disney and Nascar

Domains Watch is a new service from Accent Media, owner of the ‘.tickets’ top level domain (TLD), for the domains industry. The unique new mechanism will protect rights holders and innovators within the global multi-billion dollar ticketing industry against the threat of cybersquatters. It gives brand owners around the world the best possible opportunity to secure their domain assets, and innovators the opportunity to expedite the approval of their domain acquisitions.

Domains Watch is an online public portal that manages the domain registration process for the original domain applicant; for rights holders who wish to monitor applications for names they wish to protect; and for those brands that wish to challenge a domain name by submitting a competing application to enforce a trademark.

Once an application is received, Domains Watch gives genuine rights holders an opposition period to challenge any infringements on their rights. If the application is made by the rights holder then there is an expedited process, allowing them to quickly secure the name within a five day period. The opposition period, among other protection mechanisms, is designed to stop the domain space being ‘gamed’ by IP trolls, which has been a real problem for the industry. Domains Watch is the only rights protection service that is carried out in public, ensuring a fully transparent process.

The service has already been an effective tool in protecting brands such as Disney, Ticketfly (a Pandora company), Nascar and AXS (an AEG Live company).

Steve Machin, Co-CEO of Accent Media, said: “Domains Watch represents an important step in the evolution towards creating an open and safe space on the internet for rights holders and the rights protection community. Our early successes working with some of the world’s leading brands have demonstrated that this is a truly invaluable offering.”